DVD Training Option

  •  Are you concerned about workplace violence and yet on a tight budget?
  •  Have you provided Workplace violence training for your staff in the past but now have new staff that needs to be trained?
  •  Do you WANT to provide on-going training throughout the year as OSHA recommends but feel it is cost prohibitive?
  •  Do you want to bring an EXPERT on site but the budget won’t allow it.
  •  Have you looked at other dvd trainings and found that one 20 minute training was hundreds of dollars and it only covered ONE aspect of workplace violence?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, 

you will want to consider the

I.C.D.D. DVD Workplace Violence Safety Training

Watch this video to see WHY your employees

need to be trained with the

I.C.D.D. Safety Training

With the I.C.D.D. DVD Training Option, you provide the facilitator and we provide the training.  It can be used in its entirety for a full 4 hour in-service or can be used to train new employees, re-assigned employees, or periodic refreshers.

I.C.D.D. Workplace Violence Training System provides a total safety system in dealing with conflict, threats and violence with potentially hostile individuals in the workplace taught by safety expert, Don Everhard. It increases employee safety by improving professionalism, knowledge of intelligent pre-planning, attentive behavioral observations, de-escalation techniques, physical escape responses, report writing and hostage responses.   Training your employees in these critical key elements will create a more effective and safe work place for everyone.  This presentation is for anyone who is involved in direct service work that puts them in contact with unpredictable or hostile individuals.

I.C.D.D. Safety Training System includes the following Programs:

  • Intelligent Risk Preparation                                                                              
  • A.D.A.P.T.  = Attitude, Dialogue, Appearance, Preparation, Training                   
  • Message Delivery & De-Escalation Phrases                                                         
  • Home Visit Safety                                                                                                    
  • Report Writing                                                                                                           
  • Meeting a Subject                                                                                                      
  • Recognizing Increased Tension                                                                                
  • Hostage Situations                                                                                                     
  • Ways  to reduce tension                                                                                           
  • Physical Self-Defense Demonstration                                                                      
  • Street Self Defense                                                                                                  
  • Pepper Spray Use                                                                                                       

The I.C.D.D. DVD Safety Training System comes with:

  • 4 hours, 12 chapters, of DVD safety training instruction by Safety Expert, Don Everhard.  Your organization may provide the full 4 hour DVD training to your employees at an in-service setting or specific elements regarding safety to train new employees or existing employees as the need arises.
  • 80 page training manual which includes:

                     Instruction on providing your training program

                     Workplace violence policies and procedures to help your ogranization create your own

                     Template procedures and policy forms

  • 25 I.C.D.D. workplace training workbooks (additional training workbooks can be 

                         purchased  separately).


Everyone working in the human services field is exposed to angry and sometimes violent people.  I know of no better way to minimize risk and enhance employee safety than through Intelligent Conflict De-Escalation and Defense training led by Don Everhard.  Mr. Everhard is extremely dynamic, knowledgeable, and well qualified as a presenter.  If you work with the public,  you simply can't afford to miss this seminar - Susan Hady, Director, Taylor County Human Services

Don Everhard does an excellent oral and practical presentation on Safety Expertise and Training.  Don discusses and delivers the information in a comprehensive and understandable format with expediency that lends itself to immediate memory.  I would recommend his training for health care workers, leaders and for the general population interested in safety training for everyday encounters.   Laura Alar, RPh, MS, Pharmacy Operations Manager

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